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Fall Turkey Hunting

· Reading Time: 4 minutes

Fall Turkey Hunting from a Tree Stand with a Bow or Shotgun Some people would rather hunt for their Thanksgiving turkey as compared to buying one in the store, and there are many ways that this can be accomplished. With the holiday just around the corner, you can … Read More

‘Git-R-Done’: Trump opens 1.4 million federal acres to hunters, anglers

· Reading Time: 3 minutes

President Trump isn’t much of an outdoorsman, aside from golf. But maybe more than any president since Teddy Roosevelt, he understands the importance of others getting outside to boat, hunt, fish, shoot, and hike and their demands for access to federal lands and waterways. “He’s basically said, ‘Git-R-Done,’” … Read More

Camouflage Cloth

· Reading Time: 2 minutes

During this year, our first deer season on the market, Rhett and I have done several trade shows and events that have allowed us to get out, show the stand and introduce it along with ourselves to the public. During these interactions with folks and, additionally, messages through … Read More

Types of Hunters

· Reading Time: 4 minutes

Which type of hunter are you?   Through the years I have had the opportunity to observe individuals, including myself, along with their hunting behaviors.  It always amazes me how unique the individuals are themselves, but their hunting behavior always seems to fit into four categories: the Killer, … Read More

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