Camouflage Cloth

During this year, our first deer season on the market, Rhett and I have done several trade shows and events that have allowed us to get out, show the stand and introduce it along with ourselves to the public. During these interactions with folks and, additionally, messages through our website and our social media pages, we have been asked a lot about camouflage for the stand.

In this first season on the market, we have sold stands throughout the Southeast, over to Wisconsin in the Midwest and up to Massachusetts in the Northeast.  The camouflage used in these places varies greatly according to the types of trees and the time of year. This is one of the reasons we have not invested in a camo system for the shooting rail as of yet.  

I compiled a list, complete with hyperlinks, of online stores where one can purchase camouflage cloth to be used to hide themselves in a Skunk Ape Tree Stand.  In this list, you should be able to find the right camo for your needs and purchase it, by the yard, from the comfort of your couch! If the shooting rails are fully extended you will have 18’ 3” (maximum) of tubing around you while seated in the stand.  Six or seven yards of cloth and a can of brown and green spray paint could ensure that you may not even find the stand!!

More camo than I knew existed!  These folks have a lot to choose from to blend into your woods.

Etsy has every choice you would need, including Mossy Oak and RealTree if you want your stand to match your pants!

Of course Amazon has it…

LOTS of choices here.  Different patterns for different types of woods and times of the season.

Both choices are woodland pattern.  Also, Michael’s has burlap.

Woodland patterns available here.


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