By: Rhett E. Butler, Jr

You often hear people talking about their hunting equipment and how much they love their scope, riffle, binoculars, scent suits, boots and ammunition. People love their hunting gear, and those same people spend a lot of money on that gear. You never hear people talking about how much they love their tree stand, because they don’t. They are tolerating their tree stand just like I was doing for most of my life, from the approximate age of 12 through 43. I was just tolerating my tree stand. I would buy a tree stand and alter the things that were able to be altered in order to make it tolerable. If you are reading my blog then I have not told you something that you don’t already know.

When I developed the Skunk Ape Tree Stand, I would make a prototype, I would take it to the woods, I put it on a tree, I would climb in it, and I would take notes for hours about changes and adjustments that needed to be made to improve it to its very best. I would go back to the workshop, make those changes or adjustments and then take it back to the woods and do the same thing again. I did this until I couldn’t make any more notes. Our final product is a tree stand that you can love as much as the rest of your equipment. It’s a tree stand that you can put up and use comfortably. You don’t have to wish it would do something. It is engineered to do exactly what you need it to do, providing the hunter superior comfort, engineering, safety and usability. The Skunk Ape Tree Stand makes the user a professional hunter.

To give an example, at the 2019 Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic, in Columbia, South Carolina we had a booth where I sat in the Skunk Ape Tree Stand for eight hours on Friday, ten hours on Saturday, and seven hours on Sunday. I was comfortable the entire time. I’m still amazed that I’m able to sit in our tree stand that long. It was the most comfortable chair at the show. Before I developed the Skunk Ape Tree Stand I couldn’t stand to hunt past 9:30 or 10:00 in the morning because I was sore and tired from being uncomfortable. Now, I don’t even realize how much time passes by due to being so comfortable. Now, I only need to get down early now due to the Georgia heat at the first of the season. The first buck I killed out of the Skunk Ape Tree Stand was at 11:30 am. I would have never been in any other tree stand for that long on a hunt.

If you do not love your tree stand, it is a shame and I wish that you did. Here at Skunk Ape Tree Stands it’s all about love, not being tolerant. So, I ask you: Do you love your tree stand?

Dare to Engage!

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