Are You Guilty of Putting Your Deer Stand Last?

Are You Guilty of Putting Your Deer Stand Last?

By:  Rhett E. Butler, JR


Old Wooden Deer Stand


Are you guilty of putting your deer stand last?  I’ll be the first to admit that I have put my deer stand last on my list of hunting needs in the past.  I have worried about having the right gun, feeders, cameras and clothes all before my deer stand.  Once I get all that right and in position in my favorite spot, with the perfect gear, I’m worn slap out with hunters’ fatigue because I’m sitting in the most inconvenient, uncomfortable, and severely limiting deer stand. I’ve spent the last 2 hours checking from my four o’clock to my 8 o’clock positions for deer, praying I don’t have a deep right hand shot or rear shot with a hurting back and neck.

There is a deer stand for every application of hunting. I have ended up using ladder stands more than any other stand personally.  I have sat them time and time again thinking, “whoever it is that has designed these stands is not hunting in them.” The problem with ladder stands, old and new, and the people who make them, is that they are based off the same old design. So, if you buy a cheap ladder stand or an expensive one, you’re still stuck with the same severely limiting ladder stand design.

I’ve sat for years designing and redesigning the Skunk Ape Ladder Stand. With the Skunk Ape Ladder Stand the hunter always comes first.  The Skunk Ape Ladder Stand allows the hunter to enjoy all their perfect gear because all they have to do now is aim and shoot, anywhere, safely.  The user-friendly design allows for overlapping shots in the rear of the stand. There is no more standing or making dangerous shots because every shot can be made sitting safely and securely in the padded seat strapped in with a seat belt.  The swivel seat allows the hunter to check the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions effortlessly. With removable rails, the Skunk Ape Tree Stand is 100% bow and, with the rails back on, 100% gun.  Truly universal!

Bow Stand

I’ve spent hours talking to a lot of different hunters from all over this nation. You all have said the same thing, deer are smart. I realized how smart they were when I killed my first buck out of the Skunk Ape Tree Stand at 11:30 AM. I normally would have left my old conventional ladder stand by 9:30AM because my back and neck were hurting so much from sitting in it.  But, because I was so comfortable in my new design of the Skunk Ape Tree Stand, I was able to sit there a lot longer.  That buck knew my habits better than I did. The buck knew my routine and thought I would be long gone by then. And, when he thought I was long gone he came out and I got him.  A Skunk Ape Ladder Stand is what a ladder stand should be. It’s a tree stand a real hardcore hunter would build and did.

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