Hunting With a Bow: Tips and Tricks for a Novice.

The essence of bowhunting is that you will be pitted directly against your prey. It’s the kind of hunting method that will challenge you to be in your best form. Hunting with a bow is a thrilling adventure that requires you to get in close range with your game to take the shot. If you hunt long enough you will sooner or later become curious about hunting with bows. So when that happens you need to have some knowledge, tips, and tricks of bowhunting. Hence we have brought this article to help you out, so stay tuned.

Hunting With A Bow

  1. Pick the right hunting grounds.
    Regardless of the weapon you use if you want to improve your odds of a successful hunt then it all hinges on the right hunting ground. So before you pack your hunting gear do some research on the ground that you are planning on hunting. Also, once you are on the ground take some time to assess the surrounding of the area. This will provide you with a clear-cut idea about the trails of the game.
  2. Pick the right bow.
    A right bow is a synonym for a successful hunt, so choosing the ideal bow is quite critical. When you are choosing the bow you should make sure that the bow you are opting for fits your body type, and for the game that you will be hunting. The longer your arms equally longer will be your draw lengths. So the draw length, weight, and draw height are both a matter of choice. An ideal stance with a bow would be where you can manage to hold the bow at the level of the target while pointing directly to it then draw the string without involving much movement.
  3. Be accurate.
    Needless to say that aiming with accuracy is a must when it comes to bowhunting. Here it is not only important to know where to aim but to hit the target with flawless accuracy. Don’t worry though with practice you will get the hang of it, just keep in mind that you should always the vital organs.

4.Hunt with a veteran bowhunter.
For a rookie hunter, you must choose a veteran hunter as your partner, especially when it comes to bowhunting. Having an expert by your side on a hunting trip will allow you to learn numerous tricks and tips. Like you can determine your shot’s accuracy, learn about the safe use of tools and gear, etc. So do follow our guidelines and take assistance from an experienced bow hunter to have a successful outing.

Bow Hunting Tips

  1. Learn the anatomy of your game.
    By this, we don’t mean that you should take up medical science. Just some basic knowledge about animal anatomy would suffice. Figure out the exact position of the animal’s vital organs like heart, lungs, stomach. This will allow you to aim with more accuracy. If you are targeting a deer, then the most ideal part to aim at is the backside of the shoulder. In order, words shoot one-third way above its body. So if the deer standing or running away from you then you all need to do is shoot it from behind. Hence if you know where the heart and lungs are located then you can aim directly at it and this will kill the target on the spot. On the contrary, if your arrow gets stuck in the wrong place then it won’t kill the target immediately. Moreover, this failed shot will alert other animals of that area and they will scatter.
  2. Follow the ethics.
    The act that defines your success as a bowhunter is an ethical shot. For this always focus on shooting your game only when it is on a broadside. What this means is that your game should either be at a quarter angle or standing sideways. Thus making the area of the sight appear quite bigger. Since you are not supposed to hit the game’s rear parts, neck, or head, by employing broadside angling you will have maximum chances of hitting the animal’s vital organs.
  3. Remember to take safety precautions and always carry your hunting license with you.
    If you are going against whitetails from a tree stand then you must wear your safety harness or else you will expose yourself to injury. Keep all the necessary hunting equipment like a pocket knife, and don’t forget the sharpener be sure to have the pocket knife sharpener for hunting and not the other variant. Yet another important thing is your hunting license, it should always be on you when you leave for hunting. Each state has its own set of rules and requirements so along with the license you have to carry permits and stamps as well. Conclusion.

So that’s a wrap! Make sure you remember all these points, (note them down if needed). Every small detail is crucial especially the position and angle to kill your target. Lastly, I would say that one needs to exercise patience because skill doesn’t come overnight. So stay determined and you will have lots of fun!

Article By: Matthew

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