7 essential items

7 Essential Items You Need to Bring on Your Hunting Trip

It is easy to prepare a checklist for any camping, but when it turns into a hunting trip, priorities vary. The reason is the added element of firepower and hunting is an activity that stirs up so many variables. If you can’t decide which items should be brought and which are not, this giveaway is

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Venison Recipes

7 Great Venison Recipes

From chicken-fried to stuffed backstraps, try these creative and delicious venison recipes at home. Fall in Texas is often a punchline, with the weather often forgetting to play ball remaining unseasonably warm. Though the temperatures will take their sweet time to cool down for the first month or two, it also means that Whitetail hunting season is nigh.

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spring food plots

Preparing For Food Plots

For those who plant spring food plots, the time for that isn’t far off. Now is the time to be preparing equipment, designing food plots, and buying fertilizer and seed. Planning ahead will put you ahead, rather than the alternative. Source Credit: RealTree.com By: Josh Honycut  

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