Bow Hunting Tree Stand

Tree Stand With Removeable Rails

Removable Shooting Rails

Store Rails To The Tree

Full Range of Motion

The Skunk Ape Tree Stand is truly an innovative bow hunting tree stand.  Firstly, for bowhunters, the ability to purchase a tree stand without rails to get in the way is a game-changer.  Hunters can simply detach the rails from the tree stand store them against the tree.  Later in the year, when rifle season comes around you can easily reattach the rails to provide a solid rifle rest.  How may tree stands have you sat in that allow for a full 360 degrees of motion while sitting in a comfortable padded seat?  No more are the days of sitting with your back against the tree!

Most bow hunting tree stands prevent you from making a great shot.  We’ve all been on a hunt where the deer are coming from behind you or to your off side.  The Skunk Ape Tree Stand solves these problems by offering comfort, and full range of motion for any difficult shot your may encounter.  


Tree Stand With Removeable Rails
Removable Shooting Rails
Store Rails To The Tree
Full Range Of Motion

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Bow Hunting Tree stand

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US Patented design

Skunk Ape Tree Stands provides the most innovative ladder stand on the market. Our patented design allows for the hunter to sit, safely, in a padded and swiveling seat which facilitates utilization of the 360 degree shooting rail. Getting the hunter’s back off of the tree and in the middle of the shooting rail allows for a longer and more comfortable hunt, whether bow or firearm. Our design is environmentally friendly in that all four points of connectivity with the tree do not cut, screw or bolt to the tree. Our purpose with this universal ladder stand is make the hunting experience better and more productive for the hunter.


John & Rhett

If you have questions about the Skunk Ape Tree Stand, please contact us and we’ll personally respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours.

-John & Rhett


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