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Post Season Scouting

· Reading Time: 1 minute

Some of the rut sign from last season is still visible, especially rubs. Getting out in the field and walking properties you plan to hunt will reveal rub lines and isolated rubs. Marking these on your aerial map will show you how deer move about the lands you … Read More

No Off Season – Map Trails & Bedding Areas

· Reading Time: 1 minute

Similar to the previous slide, mapping trails, bedding areas, food sources, watering holes and other land features on aerial maps can help to paint a better picture of the land you hunt. It’ll show you how deer use a property, rather than just thinking you know. I’ve learned … Read More

No Off Season – Learn The Land

· Reading Time: 1 minute

It’s also very important to not only improve the land but to learn it, too. During the post-season, I always get out and walk the properties I plan to hunt the following season. You wouldn’t believe the things I learn — both how the land lays and how … Read More

No Off Season – Improve The Land

· Reading Time: 9 minutes

There are countless ways to improve the land for the deer we love to hunt. Whether that’s by providing additional food sources, additional bedding cover, or adding a water source, everything helps. Do what you can even if it’s on a small scale. It’ll help both the deer … Read More