What? There Is No “Off-Season” for the Die-Hard Deer Hunter.

Take Down & Rehang Tree Stands

Deer hunting is a year-round endeavor now. There are countless things to do even after deer seasons close for the year — little tasks here and there that need to be done in order to ensure success for next season. Not only that, but they’re fun too. The great thing about deer hunting — the fun part isn’t killing the deer. It’s the whole process that leads up to it that makes it all worthwhile and so rewarding.

Take Down and Re-Hang Treestands

Treestands are a never-ending task. Seems you’re always either taking them down or re-hanging them. Might as well do it now when you’re not worried about pressuring deer, right?

That’s the biggest factor in doing treestand work now versus this summer, fall and on into the season — you don’t have to worry about bumping deer. Will you be able to do 100 percent of your treestand work now? No. There will be stands you need to hang closer to and during the season. (Deer don’t always do the same exact thing every year.) But you should already have a good feel for what the deer will do if you’ve hunted the area before.

By repositioning existing stands now — or hanging new ones — you can complete most of your treestand work without having to worry with spooking deer. However, read your state and local laws on treestands, though. Many government lands have specific regulations on when you can and can’t have stands on public ground.

Source Credit: RealTree.com
By: Josh Honycut
Photo credit: John Hafner

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