Tree Stand Maintenance

Get ready to learn more about tree stand maintenance.  Tree Stands are just like everything else — they break. Fixing them is an option if the problem isn’t significant. Throw it away if the stand is a safety hazard. It isn’t worth an injury or death to hunt from an unsafe perch. On the flip side, I do make small tweaks to my treestands every year.

Treestand Maintenance

Replacing rusty bolts, seat cushions, straps and other components are commonly involved in routine tree stand maintenance work. Older stands (that are still safe) may need sanding and repainting. I also make my treestands as quiet as possible, too. The off-season is a great time to test your stands and see where padding needs to be added to reduce the risk of noise in the field. You’d rather find out now rather than when a big buck walks under your stand in November. They aren’t too forgiving when you bump your bow on the railing of your tree stand. At least, they haven’t been for me.

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By: Josh Honycut
Photo credit: John Hafner

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