Skunk Ape Tree Stand

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Skunk Ape Tree Stand | 360° Hunting Tree Stand with a 20′ Ladder and Swivel Seat


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Hunting Tree Stand

The Skunk Ape Tree Stand is a truly universal hunting tree stand. It is easily modified to be an excellent bow hunting tree stand or an awesome rifle and crossbow tree stand. There are no left-handed, right-handed, or off-hand shots.

The 360-degree shooting rail is easily removed and can be strapped to the tree, vertically, using the ratchet strap and bungee cord that comes in the box.  This makes the Skunk Ape Tree Stand the ultimate 360 bow hunting tree stand. The removable rails will be completely out of your way during bow season. When rifle season arrives the hunter can easily reattach the rails which provides the hunter with a 360-degree adjustable shooting rest.  and be prepared for the next hunt at the end of his last bow hunt.

By setting the stand up with the tree in between the hunter and where the deer are expected to come in, the tree provides a silhouette breakup.  The 360-degree swivel seat comes with a safety seatbelt. Once the hunter is safely in the stand and has locked the seat to the frame with the through the pin, he/she can put the seatbelt on and disconnect the harness from the safety line. (The safety line is 25’ and comes standard in the box with our stand.) This will allow the bowhunter to be able to get a 360-degree shot from a seated position.

Quit hunting the old way and get a comfortable bow hunting tree stand that is twenty feet high at the seat straight out of the box.

The Skunk Ape Tree Stand is a 20′ tall hunting tree stand with a swivel seat. The stand includes a harness, 25′ safety tether with prusik knot and carabiner, (2) 25′ long bow or gun lift cord, grip tape for the ladder, and padding for the shooting rail.


Tree Stand Assembly Details

Complimentary assembly for local pickup orders upon request.
If you are coming to pick your Skunk Ape Tree Stand up at our location in Brunswick, GA or Atlanta, GA, and would like your stand assembled please type ASSEMBLY in the Order Notes” box on the checkout page of your shopping cart.
Note:  You will need to have a trailer in tow or, probably, a full-size truck with the bed empty.
Contact us at with any questions.

Additional information

Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 64.5 × 27 × 6 in

Assembled (Pick Up Only), No Assembly (Ships FedEx)

4 reviews for Skunk Ape Tree Stand

  1. Jesse

    This has been a GREAT stand! I had the opportunity to use a Skunk Ape Tree Stand this fall and it sets the bar very high. Getting 20′ up puts you so high, the deer don’t even know your there. It also has a swivel seat that gives you a 360 view from the tree tops. To top it off, it has a shooting rail that you can actually use (not like some of the other stands I’ve used in the past). These shooting rails are adjustable to different heights so you can adjust it to your height. I would highly recommend!

  2. Scratch

    The skunk ape tree stand is a game changer for the serious hunter. Higher elevation for a better view and better shot options. The shooting rail along with the swivel seat are the crowning jewels of the stand. 5 stars for the stand and deduct 1star because the owner constantly butchers the English language.

    • John Hackett

      It is as if you were Rhett’s college roommate or something… Thanks Scratch!

  3. Steve B (verified owner)

    I have had my stand up for about two months now and although I have not hunted out of it, I love it. This is a true 20′ high stand, for a tree stand this one is high. Very comfortable to sit in (I will have to use the seat belt because I might fall asleep). I like facing the tree because I faced the stand toward the area I expect the deer to appear and I will be concealed by the tree in front of me. Assembly is not bad, only problem I had was with the side floor panels, they have a support brace that I had a hard time lining up bolt holes. Watch the video on assembly and it will go together easy. Once up the stand is firm and secure. I plan to get my second stand if they can get it to me in time for this season.

  4. Jeff Williams

    This stand is excellent. The quality is very good. I love the design especially the swivel seat that is extremely quiet when moving. This stand changed my opinion on tree stands as I was never a fan of having the tree to my back and not being able to see behind me. I did hang a blind down off of the shooting rail which worked out great and allowed me to move around without being seen. My hunting club guys are all jealous!

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